Finally Live the Life You Really Want!

And Start Living An Extraordinary Life  Of  Clarity, Confidence, Purpose and Passion

I'm Jeff Rogers and I want to share a story with you about how I developed a program that is changing people's lives everywhere. My story (which I call my "Jerry McGuire moment") began one night in a not so nice hotel room where I was staying as a 14 year veteran, top facilitator for a very large personal growth training company. I woke up at 3 am feeling incredibly sick and restless. After lying awake thinking for several hours I suddenly realized that I was going to get up that morning and stand in front of a class full of people and tell them to "get urgent," "take a risk" and "go after the life of your dreams" yet I wasn't even close to doing that myself. I was on the verge of divorce, my family relationships were suffering, and I was exhausted and burned out from the daily grind of my "comfortable and safe life."

To make a very long story short, that night was the turning point for me to shake things up and go out and start to live my dreams. But there was only one problem..... What were my dreams?

Maybe You Can Relate?

So I got busy writing about what I wanted my life to look like and map out a vision for myself bigger than I'd ever thought possible.

While working on this process, I couldn't help thinking back to all the times I stood in front of hundreds of people while facilitating seminars and asked them what they wanted. Their answer was almost always "I Don't Know" and up until that point, neither did I.

So I went out and researched all the "gurus" in the personal growth world. I quickly discovered that, although they all talked about the importance of having a BIG WHY or a VISION for your life or your business,  NONE of them actually gave the step-by-step detailed instructions of how to create that BIG WHY or VISION effectively enough to really work! Quite Simply...

Without A Clear And Certain, Defined Purpose
You Are Doomed To Fail!

I can't tell you how many people I've encountered who are going through life on auto-pilot.  Just living day to day hoping that some opportunity will come up that will change their current situation for the better.

The truth is, success is available to everyone.  The problem is that very few are taking the actions necessary to have the outcomes they REALLY WANT in their relationships, their businesses or their financial situation.

Why? Because they have no idea what they want, or what actions they need to take to get where they want to be!

Even worse, some people don't know that they don't know.

Maybe you've seen my dreams video on YouTube that highlights some of the most successful people in our world  and what they had to do to make their dreams a reality.  Well I have a news flash for you...YOU are no different from the people who have created massive success in business or have made huge contributions to the world.

I will say, however,  that there IS one difference:  ALL of these people, the most successful people ever, started with ONE THING - A CLEAR AND SPECIFIC VISION.

Now I'm not talking about a vision board or a vision statement or a one page vision you wrote on the top of a mountain one day while you were inspired.

Vision Boards Or Vision Statements
Are Just Not Enough.

Think about some of the best books you've ever read. Whether a biography or an amazing novel, the authors dedicate hundreds of pages to carefully thought out details and character development.

Walter Isaacson took 571 pages to write the story of Steve Job's life, so why should a few paragraphs on a piece of notebook paper or a poster board with some magazine photos be enough to dedicate YOUR life to?

I'm not saying you need to write a novel. I'm saying you need to have a REAL VISION following a specific step-by-step formula -"An Extraordinary Life Accelerator"with details and clarity, to guide you towards what you really want and out of that place of 'I DON'T KNOW.' The phrase that typically stops most people from moving forward.

If you don't follow the right formula to create your own Extraordinary Life will fall short of what you want to accomplish. A pretty bold statement but a very true statement...

You know how I know?  Proof.


I've worked with 1000's of people in my training career.  Amazing businesspeople, husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, coaches, fitness trainers, realtors and even Olympic athletes!   Each of my  coaching clients pay me nearly $20,000 a year to help keep them on track with what works and what doesn't in their quest for the best.

Here are a few examples of results some of them have created from following my formula:

Creating a vision has been the key to my life. One year ago, I envisioned a life of traveling the world. Writing a vision helped me believe 100% that I could live that dream. Within a year, I have traveled in 7 countries consisting of Europe, Asia, The Middle East and Australia. BrainStorm provided the tools and support to  help me create a vision that has become my road map to life. As a result, I am achieving my goals faster than I ever thought possible and I have become truly unstoppable!

Kayla Arnold

Using BrainStorm’s unique training methods has allowed me greater peace of mind by assuring the decisions I make are in alignment with my vision.

Monica Ward Millionare - Fit Club Network - Team Beachbody

What If YOU Could...

  • Bring forth the clarity you need to break free from fear and self doubt and propel yourself into a life of enthusiastic certainty?
  • Enlist and empower others to support you on your journey and strengthen your most important relationships.
  • Keep charging forward with confidence, heightened self esteem and 100% accountability.

Well You Can, I'll Show You How

With the Extraordinary Life Accelerator you will finally be living the extraordinary life you desire with clarity, confidence, purpose and passion!

How many times have you set goals you never achieved?  That's because GOAL SETTING IS USELESS without a solid attachment to a bigger purpose.

As I said before, the one thing the world's most successful people all have in common is that they had a clear vision and the unwavering commitment to see it through. They aligned themselves and their teams towards that vision and the solutions to getting there became available.

I'm here to say that this is absolutely possible for you too, if you are willing to take action and do the work.

If you are truly tired of living on the treadmill of life and want big changes for yourself and those around you, and you want the quickest, easiest, and most in-depth way to discover and achieve your clear, defined purpose and direction for your life, you need The Extraordinary Life Accelerator!


Available Only In The Magnitude Online Course and Group Coaching Program

The most comprehensive and effective way to design the life and business you really want and the accountability tools to help you implement and actually achieve it. No BS, no fluff - REAL RESULTS!

This Unique Program Will Help You Design The Life
 of Your Dreams Like Never Before...

I’ve spent over 2 years putting this material together based on my 20+ years of experience in this area, so you get the benefit of my honest, hands on, transformational training methods in an easy to follow, process.

I'm known to my clients at the "Quit Whining, No Excuses, Get Busy Building the Live You Love Coach"

So you know when you have my coaching your going to get it done!

When you complete this course, you'll be able to:

  • Make tough decisions with confidence replacing your fears with deliberate certainty and never second guess yourself again.
  • Eliminate the worry over irrelevant thoughts, giving you the time and energy to focus on what really matters and get you where you want to be quickly.
  • Strengthen your relationships while enlisting and empowering others to support you along your journey.
  • Motivate yourself - ensuring you’ll never again have to rely on external sources for inspiration.
  • Charge forward with confidence and in alignment with your vision.

Hundreds of our previous students have used this training to generate MASSIVE RESULTS in a short amount of time. I've done the legwork for you and it is material unlike you've ever seen before!

This is NOT a quick-fix or get rich quick scheme. It is a powerful, 12 week, 10-module self-paced, home study course and coaching program designed for anyone who wants to break free from the same old routine and are ready to take on the monumental opportunity to design the life of their dreams in more detail than ever before, just like I did and...

Like These People Have...

Training like this is normally only available in a live format, if at all. (Believe me we've searched out there and haven't found anything even close!)

Previous Magnitude students paid much more for our live version of this course. Plus you'd have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars for individual coaching to get this type of material.

I firmly believe that EVERYONE deserves to live a life of abundance so that is why we've done the legwork to bring this product online so more people can have access to it. I don't want money to be a factor that hinders access to this training, So I'm making it as affordable as possible.

Here's What The Program Includes

10 Video Training Modules

Walk through the step-by-step creation of your full life vision with these easy to follow video training modules. Each module also includes an assignment to help you apply the concepts introduced to a deeper level, assuring your success. You'll complete the course with a comprehensive written vision covering 13 different areas for the next 1, 5 and 10 years.

Value $697

Interactive Assignments & Exercises

Each video module includes an interactive, downloadable assignment and/or exercise relating to that module. These life changing assignments are designed to take you to a deeper level of learning and understanding so that you remain engaged and inspired throughout the whole process. You will be able to put the tools into immediate action in your life.

Value $297

12 Weeks of Coaching

You'll spend an hour once per week on a coach call with me in a group setting.
Week 1-6 - we will walk through the first 10 modules of the Magnitude Online Vision Course and add a ton of coaching, tools and strategies to get your vision done and firmly in place.
Week 6-12 - will be spent on action planning and putting a timeline together to get you well on your way to making your vision a reality sooner than you ever thought possible. We'll also spend specific weeks dedicated to working on relationships, communication, health, wealth & abundance, and much more! Regular coaching clients pay $1500 per month for this service

 Value $4500

Lifetime Program Membership & Support

As a member in good standing, you will have lifetime access to the membership area where all of the course materials and coaching call archives are stored. You will also benefit from future product or program enhancements and personal support from our team any time you have a question.

Value = Priceless


PLUS... I'd Like To Add Some Extra Bonuses
For A Limited Time Only!

3 Visualization Technique MP3's

The Vision Screen Technique - Practice visualizing the elements of your vision to support it's manifestation. This is a variation of a popular practice used by the worlds most successful people.

The Creation Space Technique - Utilize this technique to help you find creative solutions when you have a problem to solve or a particular challenge to overcome.

The Relaxation Space Technique - Listen to this guided meditation to help reduce stress or shift your thoughts towards positive outcomes.

Value $291

90 Days Unlimited Email Access

Benefit from having me at your fingertips for the full 90 days of the program. Reach out at any time and get answers to your most pressing questions.

Let me help you take action on your vision, help you with accountability for your action plan, give you a nudge with my no BS coaching style, or just get feedback on something you are working on.

This is a service I don’t offer to the public so you can only get it through this program.

Value $997

Members Only Facebook Mastermind Group

Learn by example from other Magnitude Online members, share your wins or your struggles and get additional coaching from me and the BrainStorm team.

Value $250


30 Minute Personal Coaching Session

Let me help you take action. Use your 30 minute session at the beginning of the course to strategize your vision, at the end to help you implement your action plan or anywhere in between when you need that extra personal attention.

My regular coaching clients pay $500 per hour for this


Value $250

The Course, 12 Weeks of Coaching And All the Bonuses Are Valued At $7282

 Which is a great value given the results people have created from this course so far!

Get In Now, For A Limited Time...

Best Value

 1 Payment of $697

($104 Savings)

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3 Payments of $267


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Think About This...How Much Is It Worth To Have a Business That You Love, That Supports You In Living the Life You Want To Live?


I'm pretty sure its a lot more than the cost of this course!


It Is Worth Over $30,000 A Month To This Lady!

Antionette is an amazing high end interior designer in LA. She was deeply in debt and spent too much time chasing little clients with low profit margins. She was utterly defeated and her marriage was on the rocks.
 After completing this course, and taking action on the material...
She now makes over $30,000 per month doing what she loves! She is working with amazing clients and her marriage is better than it has ever been!

“Within just six months of working with BrainStorm, I have taken my business from in debt and near closing to now attracting a higher end clientele and triple the income. I am no longer in debt and have created strategies and systems that will last. I have learned invaluable techniques for management and communication in all aspects of my life.”

Antionette Altman Luxxe Designs

Here's a sample of the coaching material I'll be working with you on...

The Weekly Coaching Layout

Week 1 – Complete Clarity & Accountability

  • Discover the biggest obstacles currently stopping you from having exactly what you want.
  • How to finally find the clarity you have searched for.
  • Learn the most powerful and foolproof way to develop 100% accountablity
  • How to turn huge dreams into reality.

Week 2- Alignment & Acceleration

  • Identify 3 engrained behavior patterns that support or diminish your success.
  • Uncover your thoughts behaviors and actions that are in or out of alignment with your desired outcomes.
  • Learn how to apply simple, healthy, habits to "up your game" and start producing greater results.
  • Utilize internal cues to determine when your behaviors, habits and actions are out of alignment and how to shift them to get back in.
  • Learn how to stay focused on what's really important and worth your time and energy.

Week 3 – Objective Observation, Communication & Support Systems

  • Learn how to objectively evaluate your behavior as it relates to your outcomes and how to effectively make productive adjustments.
  • How to create aligned support systems based on communication versus expectation.
  • Get access to the most effective communication tools on the planet to support you in your personal and professional relationships

Week 4 – Setting Your Foundation, Getting Past Fear and Mediocrity

  • How to bust through the mediocre thoughts that keep you from dreaming bigger.
  • Learn the true meaning of struggle and how to leverage it to attain exactly what you want.
  • Engaging your awareness to discover solutions that you were previously unable to see.
  • Get the tangible tools to support you in writing the details of your vision.

Week 5 – The Significance of Your Dreams, Moving Past Stuck/Struggling

  • Understand your relationship with your word (integrity) and it's significance in living your vision.
  • How to maintain acceleration and stay in action even when you're stuck and struggling.
  • Forming a new relationship with success and failure so you stay on track with your vision regardless of your outcome.
  • How to utilize your vision to assure that your decisions behaviors and actions are in alignment with your greater purpose or passion.

Week 6 – Midpoint Review, Begin Action Plan

  • The 3 critical tools to assure the vision you write becomes the life you live.
  • Complete 10 module course review and preparation for action plan and timeline.

Week 7 – Action Plan & Timeline

  • Bringing the biggest parts of your vision into a doable space.
  • Identify the specific goals and actions you need to take to bring them into alignment with your greater purpose.
  • Create meaningful and measurable benchmarks for your progress.
  • Learn an action plan and timeline method that is virtually foolproof in helping you achieve key benchmarks and goals along the way.

Week 8 – The Vision for Your Relationships

This week is quite easily worth the price of the entire program…. So many of our clients have said so.
You’ll be enlightened, inspired and, most importantly, armed with an arsenal of tools
for how to find, create, repair or improve any type of relationship.

  • How you/society defines what makes a good or bad relationship.
  • Get the benefit of 20+ years of tried and true successful relationship tools, advice and actions you can take and apply to your relationships.
  • Learn 7 common relationship challenges and how to overcome them easily and effectively.
  • 3 critical truths you need to know about successful relationships (whether personal or professional)
  • And so much more…

Week 9 – Getting In & Staying in Balance

  • Learn how to avoid the feeling of overwhelm as you accelerate towards the reality of your vision.
  • Understanding how to apply previously learned behaviors in the course to keep you on track and focused on your ultimate outcomes.
  • Get clear on the 4 critical steps to help you get back into balance when you are feeling “out.”
  • Develop your personal “priority plan” to help you tackle what needs attention most.
  • How to create and maintain a support system to keep you in check.

Week 10 – Overcoming Obstacles

  • Learn the 3 most common obstacles people face when going after big dreams and how to overcome them with ease.
  • Identify the root of the biggest obstacles that have typically stopped you and how to use that knowledge to break through them.
  • Create a different relationship with obstacles so that you can easily identify them and move past them in the future.

Week 11 – Health, Wealth & Abundance

  • Learn how to balance these 3 elements to achieve true freedom.
  • Discover how to improve and maintain health for the longevity tool of your vision.
  • Understand your relationship with the tool of money and how to utilize wealth as the liberty tool of your vision.
  • Create abundance through the growth and balance of your health and wealth.

Week 12 – Course Wrap Up, Review and Q&A

As we wrap up your 12 weeks of this intense coaching program, we’ll spend some time reviewing key tools, ideas and actions you learned along the way – (over 42 of them!)
I’ll set you up to actually DO the work it will take for you to have what you want,
not just forget after these 12 weeks are over and go back to status quo.
I’ll share what some of our previous members are doing to help them stay “in,” focused and on track as they move forward. And I’ll answer some common questions people have at this point to help assure lasting success.

You won't find intense, results based coaching at this price anywhere!

Best Value

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At This Point You've Got To Ask Yourself...

  • What is the value of having EXACTLY what I want in my life and business?
  • What has been the cost of my previous INACTION?
  • What will I do next?

I Want You To Use This Program For A Full Year Before Deciding If It Works!

I have no reason for you to buy my course if you are not going to take it and create results for yourself.

It would be like a personal trainer at a gym taking your money and then not making sure you show up for your workout sessions.  That personal trainer certainly wouldn’t want you going around saying they trained you if your body is not in great shape!

This course works but you MUST DO THE WORK!

That’s why I’m willing to stick my neck out and offer this incredible guarantee...

1 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee


Take a full year, and complete all of the modules and exercises. Participate in the coaching, use the techniques and apply them in your life or business.

If you don’t agree this is the best investment you’ve made in yourself, I will refund 100% of the price you paid. No Questions, No Hassles.

All you have to do is email me your refund request. Refunds are processed within 5 business days.

So this is a risk free decision for you!

*Refund details on order form

To say my dreams are coming true is an understatement.

Since working with Jeff, what I have been able to accomplish & grow personally within myself is nothing less then amazing. I am stronger, wiser, happier, calmer, and enriched thanks to Jeff's guidance. He literally is bringing out the best in me. It's challenging, but oh so rewarding! My marriage is growing stronger & stronger every day!  Is Jeff a magic pill?, you still have to do the work, however if you follow his advice and take yourself on, the sky is the limit!! Thank you Jeff for caring so much about me & your guidance to the path of my dreams & ultimate life!!"

Lilian Garcia, Marina Del Rey, CA

Everything I’ve done with your company including this, I’ve created much more than my money’s worth.  At this point, choosing into a product you offer is a “no brainer.” Your communication and the products you create get through to me, I stay in action instead of fear adn I am able to shift and adapt to create what I see. 

Jon West, Las Vegas, NV

Best Value

 1 Payment of $697

($104 Savings)

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Flexible Payments

3 Payments of $267


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In my opinion you have one of two choices at this point...

Attempt to do this stuff on your own...keep doing what you've been doing :-(


Make the Right Choice and let me help you finally break free from what has previously stopped you from having the results you want.

Take this opportunity to have the tangible tools necessary to take action on your life and your business unlike ever before!

It's your choice.

Either way, I wish you the best and want you to know I am here anytime to answer your questions or concerns.  I hope I have provided some valuable insights and look forward to making you one of our next success stories!

To Your Success,

- Jeff Rogers

Your Quit Whining, No Excuses, Get Busy Building the Life You Love Coach!

Best Value

 1 Payment of $697

($104 Savings)

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Flexible Payments

3 Payments of $267


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PS:  Still have questions or need to know more?  Simply email us at or call us at (702) 656-9888 and we will be happy to answer your questions or concerns.