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Go From Teetering On The Edge Of Something Extraordinary To Creating REAL Tangible Results...

Especially if you're frustrated by personal development programs that just haven't produced the results you really want!

The Magnitude Vision Course and Group Coaching Program is a proven, step by step process to help you create and design your very own

Extraordinary Life Accelerator

A crystal clear, defined path for your business and your life for the next 1, 5 and 10 years to help you get past that dreaded “I DON’T KNOW” feeling and on to a purposeful, gratifying future.

A unique 100% accountability program to keep you in-the-game and living that extraordinary life you desire.

  • Make tough decisions with confidence replacing your fears with deliberate certainty and never second guess yourself again.
  • Eliminate the worry over irrelevant thoughts, giving you the time and energy to focus on what really matters and get you where you want to be quickly.
  • Strengthen your relationships while enlisting and empowering others to support you along your journey.
  • Motivate yourself - ensuring you’ll never again have to rely on external sources for inspiration.
  • Charge forward with confidence and in alignment with your vision.


Finally achieve what you really want and live an extraordinary life of
Clarity, Confidence Purpose and Passion!

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My dear friend Jeff Rogers… is passionate about helping and coaching others gain success and fulfillment in their lives. He’s been in the personal growth industry for almost 20 years, and I trust him more than anyone I know in this industry. Personal development is a path we are all on whether we want to be or not. Jeff’s programs help to ease the path and helps you take control.

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